After outcry, Microsoft presses pause on unsolicited Windows 10 web app installs

A report by The Verge, on Saturday, revealed how Microsoft’s new gimmick of force-restarting the Windows 10 PCs to download unwanted web applications was the recent proof of you not wanting to own a Windows computer. And now, the software company says that it was not fully but at least a little at fault and, will therefore pause the migration which brought the web applications to the PC’s Start menu in such a way.

Microsoft, originally, told The Verge that the main idea behind this was to launch any site, which the user pinned to Start menu, in the Microsoft Edge browser. It simply aimed to turn these shortcuts into more noticeable tiles. However, the company now says that the change, which it calls as a bug, also transformed its present Microsoft Office shortcuts to PWA web applications. This is something that you can do from within the Microsoft Edge browser normally; however it’s not something which can happen all by itself.

According to Microsoft, it has been pinning Microsoft Office shortcuts to Start menu since the last May. However, the expected results did not pan out as Microsoft had actually expected them to.

Meanwhile, the company is yet to address its practice of forced reboots and updates.

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