Are isha and Michael still together: What is their current status?

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In the Netflix reality series Twentysomethings: Austin, eight cast members are followed as they negotiate their early adulthood years in front of the cameras. This includes dating, getting employment, and figuring out what they want to do with their lives. The cast members have relocated to one of the cities in the country that is seeing the most rapid population growth.

Others were unable to ignore the spark that they shared with their co-stars, despite the fact that some of the stars were attempting to create love relationships with people who were not their housemates by going on dates with these individuals.

Are isha and Michael still together

During the time that Isha Punja and Michael Fractor were slowly but surely laying the groundwork for their own relationship, Kamari Bonds and Abbey Humphreys rapidly concluded that their arrangement of being “friends with benefits” was not going in the right direction.
Isha, an aspiring stand-up comedian, and Michael, a fashion designer, went on a few dates together before declaring their relationship to be romantic in the eighth episode. Michael shelled out a cool $464 for Isha’s jacket at one point during their courtship.

Nevertheless, Michael made the choice to leave Austin in the last episode of Season 1, and Isha questioned whether or not their relationship would ever be able to progress in a meaningful way. Are Isha and Michael still dating after acting together in the original Netflix production?

Is Isha and Michael still dating after “Twentysomethings: Austin”?

In spite of the fact that several of the cast members of Twentysomethings: Austin decided to continue living in the well-known city in Texas, in the season 1 finale, they were all had to leave the Airbnbs in which they had been staying.

As a result of the relocation, all of the celebrities were forced to make important decisions regarding their futures, and Michael made the choice to travel back to California to evaluate his job prospects there. On the other side, Isha believed that her clothing line, Hut Mentality, was starting to develop, and she desired to stay in Austin so that she could see it through to completion.

As Michael was getting ready to leave Isha and begin his journey back to California, he came to the conclusion that he would not accept the transfer. At the end of the first season, Michael returned to the Airbnb where he had been staying and told Isha that he would stay in Austin for as long as she wanted him to.

Are isha and Michael still together

On the broadcast, Michael made the following observation: “I’ve come to the realisation that a job is a job. However, there is only one Isha despite the fact that there are many of them.
Even though they appeared on the show together as a couple due to circumstances beyond their control, there has been no public announcement regarding their relationship status as of yet.

Isha and Michael have not stopped following each other on Instagram, and they have engaged in civil conversation on that platform. There are many reasons to believe that they are still very much together, despite the fact that neither of them explicitly stated how things are between them.

Michael did in fact give his sister the Hut Mentality jacket that he had purchased in Austin, and on the 20th of December, he posted a picture of himself and Isha on his Instagram stories account. He captioned the adorable picture with the words “My Queen.”

Isha also posted a handful of images of herself with Michael on her primary Instagram account, which can be found here.

In her caption, she posed the following question: “Which of Misha’s antics is your favourite, and why?

Isha and Michael, stars of “Twentysomethings: Austin,” where are they now?

Late in November 2021, the first season of Twentysomethings: Austin has just about completed filming when it made its debut on streaming services only a few weeks later. In the weeks that have passed since filming wrapped, Isha has been very busy promoting her clothing business across various social media platforms. Michael, on the other hand, has been spreading around material related to the show.

Are isha and Michael still together

It is currently unknown whether Michael has secured employment since making the decision to stay in Austin or whether he plans to perform stand-up comedy once again now that the show has aired. Additionally, it is unknown whether Michael will attempt to perform stand-up comedy once again now that the show has aired.

Because Michael and Isha have been so tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship and their intentions to move in together in Austin, their followers on social media will be keeping a careful eye on their feeds going ahead.

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