Agreement on warheads brings U.S., Russia closer to extending nuclear treaty

On Tuesday, Russia and the US came closer for extending New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for a year that would freeze all of nuclear weapons on either side as well as extend New START deal for one year, a senior official from the Trump administration said on Tuesday.

In his statement, the official said that the two countries are extremely close to signing a deal.

On Tuesday, Russia brought sides closer after it gave green signal to one US offer which says that the two nations should freeze no. of nuclear weapons of every type for a year.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry of Russia said that their proposal can exclusively and only be implemented upon comprehending that the US wouldn’t advance any further conditions regarding freezing the nuclear arsenals.

The statement additionally said that if this proposal suits Washington, the time garnered via extension of New START can be utilized for holding detailed bilateral talks related to future of missile control.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia had previously offered an offer to extend this treaty for 5 years sans any kind of pre-conditions, which was rejected by the US. Putin proposed, this week, proposed a 1-year extension sans any conditions, to which the US said that any deal should include a 1-year freeze upon all the nuclear warheads, including the ones that aren’t covered under New START.

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