Are Gemma and Luca still together: What secret they are hiding?

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GEMMA Owen and Luca Bish have reconciled after she talked openly about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship. Are Gemma and Luca still together?

The two fell in love after meeting on this year’s Love Island, and they have both expressed how difficult it is to live apart.

Gemma, 19, and Luca, 23, came in second place in the ITV2 competition. They ended just behind Ekin-Su Culculoglu, 27, and Davide Sanclimenti, 27, who came first.

Because of the large distance between Gemma’s home in Cheshire and Luca’s home in Brighton, the pair have had to adjust their daily routine to continue living together after returning to the UK.

Despite this, Gem disclosed late last night by sharing a cute image on Instagram that she is back again with her man.

On her Instagram Stories, she shared a photograph with the caption, “Luca playing pool at her family’s place.”

Are Gemma and Luca still together

Since the two of them discovered their love for one another on Love Island in the summer, Gemma has been very vocal about how tough it is for her to be separated from Luca.

Gemma explained how the two of them can coexist together, even though they live on opposite ends of the country and have work schedules that interfere with one another.

According to the most recent video she uploaded on YouTube, it functions faultlessly.

Even though we both have a lot on our plates at the moment, we try to spend time with one another whenever we get the chance. The regular pattern is for me to be in Brighton while he is here.

“Because of this, we simply sort of make it work by agreeing to spend the night together whenever we are working in London together.

It looks like he’s actually arrived at this point; after that, we have nothing else planned, so everything should be fine.

Are Gemma and Luca still together

Gemma and Luca appear to be satisfied with their current position, which is supported by the fact that the stunning woman recently revealed she would not be moving in with her lover.

Because she is still relatively young, she desires to spend the foreseeable future at the £4 million mansion that her father, Michael, owns.

The actors who play them, Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page, have already moved in together, but Gemma isn’t ready to take the next step.

She stated in an interview with MailOnline, “I’m a person who prefers to be at home since that’s where everything is, I prioritize my family, and I’m still relatively young. We do not intend to move in together any time soon.

I am pleased with my current situation and the plan that Luca and I have in place for the future.

The celebrity continued by saying, “We are everywhere right now.” “We spend time together when I’m working in London, and on the weekends, when we both have time off, he comes to Cheshire to be with the horses. When I’m not working, we hang out together. We are modifying it so that it can accommodate our hectic schedules.

Are Gemma and Luca still together

As Luca previously remarked when he was describing his goal to relocate closer to Chester, there is no middle ground; it is either Chester or nothing.

“I am ready to follow her instructions in any direction. Moving is less of a hassle because I don’t have a lot of commitments at my current residence. Whatever provides us joy and whatever is in accordance with the law is what we shall do. If I relocate closer to her, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to find living together in the future.

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