Are Joe and Serena still together: inside Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt’s Romantic Paradise Wedding

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The fans of “The Bachelorette” witnessed Joe Amabile ask Serena Pitt to marry him during the show’s seventh season, which aired in October of 2021. Although the couple from the television program has been through several challenges since then, they have remained together and seem to be doing well. The following contains information about the wedding, in addition to other information.

When do Joe and Serena finally tie the knot?

In October 2022, Serena shared a heartfelt video on Instagram showing her and Joe renewing their wedding vows and kissing in a courthouse.

Before she revealed the exciting news, she tagged the picture with the phrase “JUST MARRIED!!” We are currently preparing for a wedding in September, since who wouldn’t want to be married for the second time? You are welcome to see the whole two-minute footage on our channel on YouTube.

I definitely need to start moving with the preparations as soon as possible! In May of 2022, Serena disclosed to Life & Style that she and Joe were engaged and preparing for their wedding. In 2019, I estimated that our wedding would occur between the spring and fall seasons.

Following the proposal made by the Toronto native’s boyfriend, Joe, 36, the pair recently moved in together in New York City. They are now making plans for an engagement party to take place at the “end of the summer.”

are joe and serena still together

The reality star has not yet begun her search for a wedding dress, but she has said that she would shop with an open mind while doing so. I have no idea whether what I’m saying is true or not. I just made it up. Serena admits, “I have no idea what type of appearance I want,” and she is being really honest.

I was speechless when Joe proposed to me on one knee since I didn’t even know what ring I wanted. Therefore, I think everyone, including myself, is in for a shock… but I’m looking forward to going dress shopping for my wedding and finding out what direction I go towards naturally.

Exactly Where Do Joe and Serena Plan to Tie the Knot?

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Joe stated that the couple is “definitely in the conversations” about getting married in 2023 but that their “main worry” for the time being is “moving in together, and then we’ll figure out everything else.” Joe’s comments were made regarding the couple’s plans to get married.

Despite this, a deliberate attempt is being made to influence the weather. Recently, Joe, who is in business with Captain Morgan, said the pair wants to marry in the city. He continued, “We live in a metropolis, so certainly not a country wedding.”

Just when did Joe and Serena start talking about marriage?

Joe is overjoyed to report that he and his partner have discovered that to be “very easy.” The decisions we made turned out to be the best ones. I believe that here is where we will find success. To answer your question, the answer is that it has been really simple. In point of fact, it has.

Since Joe proposed to Serena on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise in October 2021, Joe has been gushing about his relationship with Serena. Serena has been the recipient of Joe’s praise. In an interview given to Us Weekly in November 2021, the host of the podcast “Clickbait,” who was on season 14 of “The Bachelorette,” said, “[Things] get better and better every day.” The best element, in my view, is when one has a consistent, healthy connection with someone they care about and who contributes to their happiness. The independence to go out to eat whenever one so chooses.

are joe and serena still together

After returning from a trip to the beach in Mexico, the former Bachelorette Serena shared with Chris that she and Joe are “always laughing” together. We take great delight in spending time in one another’s company.

“I feel like the audience got such a deep and intimate glance into our relationship because of what we went through on the beach,” she continues. “I feel like they got that because of what we went through on the beach.” You have to experience our way of interacting with one another and our strategy for finding solutions to challenges.

In response, Serena adds, “People often want me to share more of our hilarious moments together on Instagram,” which is something she does. We never get tired of making each other laugh and fooling about with one another. We have a remarkable ability to laugh at ourselves and to discover humor even in the most trying of circumstances.

are joe and serena still together

During their stay in Paradise, Joe and Serena did not face nearly as much conflict as other couples because they were paired together. It didn’t take long for tensions to surface between the pair and Joe’s ex-girlfriend Kendall Long, whom he had first met on the fifth season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In the new year of 2020, Joe and Kendall’s marriage, unfortunately, came to an end in the form of a divorce. The woman from California who wanted to get back together with her ex-boyfriend tried to do it by participating in the seventh season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Still, they were never able to find common ground. Serena has had a more direct experience in her previous relationships with The Bachelor. During week 8 of the season of The Bachelorette with Matt James, she chose to withdraw from the competition.

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