“BackOutsideBoyz” track of the “Her Loss” album rises in popularity

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Canadian rapper Drake and Atlanta-based rapper Savage 21 released their long-awaited collaborative album “Her Loss” on November 4 through OVO, Republic, Slaughter Gang, and Epic. The song “Backoutsideboyz” becomes very popular.

The album was officially disclosed on October 22 when Drake released the music video “Jimmy Cooks” on Savage’s 30th birthday. The announcement of their new album, “Her Loss,” was revealed in the visual. On October 26, Drake announced the album would be released on November 4.

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Travis Scott gave his guest appearance on the track ” Pussy & Millions.” On November 2, Drake and 21 Savage revealed the cover on their Instagram Accounts, and they featured model Qui Yasuka on the cover.

Tracks Of the album “Her Loss”

The album consists of 16 tracks. these are-

  1. “Rich Flex”
  2. “Major Distribution”
  3. “On BS”
  4. “Backoutsideboyz”(performed by Drake)
  5. “Privilleged Rappers”
  6. “Spin Bout You”
  7. “Hours In Silence”
  8. “Treacherous Twins”
  9. “Circo Loco”
  10. “Pussy & Millions”
  11. “Broke Boys”
  12. “Middle of the Ocean” ( performed by Drake)
  13. “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”
  14. “3AM on Glenwood” (performed by 21 Savage)
  15. “More M’s”
  16. ” I Guess It’s Fuck Me”

With “Her Loss,” Drake and 21 took a more significant amount of a flighty methodology largely; posting comedic counterfeit press and interview cuts that began with a fake Vogue cover and 21 doing his own GQ “What’s in My Bag” video, in which things differed from tea parcels to a duplicate of youngsters’ book “Charlotte’s Web.”

“Yeah, who the president?

I never voted once . If I did, I’d vote Teanna Trump, ayy, yeah.”


Drake and 21 Savage released their song “Blackoutsideboyz” in the same week as another American rapper, Kelechief, dropped his song “Black Outside.” Kelecheif wrote about this on his Twitter account.

@kelechief twitted,” BACKOUTSIDEBOYZ” the same week I dropped a song called “Back Outside (Freestyle)” is the kind of favor I couldn’t have asked for BUT totally deserve”.

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