Chas McCormick with the Incredible catch of his life

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The Huston Astros’ center fielder Chas McCormick defended incredibly with a fantastic catch of his career. On Thursday night, the Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-2 in the fifth Game of the World Series.

McCormick’s catch became the match’s key attraction. His thrilling catch to rob Phillies Catcher J. T. Realmuto is considered the best defensive play in MLB history. He saved at least a double, maybe a triple, and was estimated to save six runs.

J.T Realmuto smoked a 1-1 pitch to the right-center field wall. McCormick was able to run the ball down at the spur of the moment and snatched the spotlight. If the ball sidestepped McCormick, Realmuto would have ended up in scoring position with one out and Bryce Harper coming to bat. (Harper would arrive after being struck by a pitch.)

After the match, Chas told Fox’s Ken Rosenthal that he initially thought Realmuto had homered.

Astros’ Dusty Baker said on Chas McCormick’s unbelievable catch, “McCormick’s always bragged about his basketball skills, I guess I gotta believe him.”

During the regular season, McCormick has a fantastic record. He batted .245/.332/.407 with fourteen home runs and four stolen bases (on seven tries). His two key strengths, jump ability, and defensive tricks, made him able to rank in the 92nd percentile.

The Match Highlights

In Game 5, Astros starter Justin Verlander picked up his first World Series victory. Since his 16 years career and after playing 7 World Series games, this professional baseball pitcher secured his first win on Thursday night. He knew that his W-L record was not good from a pitcher’s perspective, but his fearless game gave his team, the Astros, a 3-1 win and a 3-2 lead in the World Series game.

Justin Verlander performed very well in the eighth world series game, scoring 0-6 and a 6.07 ERA.

When the Astros manager Dusty Baker was asked about Verlander, he said, “Everybody’s wondering, ‘is he on a short leash?’ I mean, no, he doesn’t have a leash at all,” said Baker. “I mean, he’s Justin Verlander.” 

In the end, Ryan Pressly saved five out of Dusty Baker. Jeremy Peena continued his impressive postseason and gave a notable performance in the last night’s match.

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