Chris Evans Dating update: He is dating his girlfriend secretly.

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Fans of Captain America, I have some bad news for you. If you were hoping that Chris Evans was still single and wondering who he is dating, we’re sorry to say that your hopes have been dashed. He is involved with another person. And “this is no laughing matter.”

People magazine reported in November 2022 that a source had informed them that the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor had been seeing fellow actor Alba Baptista “for over a year, and it’s serious.” The source added, “they are in love, and Chris has never been happier.” Everyone in his family and circle of acquaintances adores her. Evans’ dating history includes several encounters with some of Hollywood’s most stunning ladies.

It is possible that his relationship with the actor and comedian Jenny Slate, whom he first met on the set of Gifted in 2016, garnered the most attention for him. The couple decided to part ways a little over a year into their relationship. “We haven’t really seen each other or spoken to each other too often, but that doesn’t mean we’re on terrible terms. I believe that it would work out for the best. I really hope that we can be friends in the future, but our fight was pretty intense.

Despite this, I have no regrets. Ever,” Slate said in an interview with Vulture in 2017. “If I’m being totally forthright, I didn’t believe I was his type. At some point, when it was like, “Oh, you have these feelings for me?,” I glanced about as if to ask, “Is this a prank?” I understand why I think I’m beautiful, but if you’ve had a particular lifestyle and I’m a very, very different type of person—I don’t want to be an experiment.”

Although, understandably, Evans would prefer to keep his romantic life private from the public eye, here is everything we know about who Chris Evans is seeing, his new(ish) girlfriend, and his previous relationships.

Alba Baptista: 2021-present

alba baptista

Baptista, who is sixteen years younger than Evans, began her acting career in her home Portugal before participating in the drama series Warrior Nun on Netflix. Evans has been performing since he was a child. In addition, she had a role in the film Mrs. Harris Takes a Trip to Paris (2022).

According to some reports, besides her mother tongue, she is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. Even though it is not known how she and Evans first became acquainted, those who were paying attention saw that Evans began following her on Instagram in 2020 and that she returned the favor the following year while they were both filming projects in Europe.

We are known that the star of “Avengers” has been single for some time now and has been looking for a partner. Evans said the following in the interview he gave for People’s Sexiest Man Alive in the year 2022: “I know that having a wife and children as well as being part of a family is what I desire most. When you read about the world’s most talented artists, whether painters, actors, or authors, the vast majority “admit” that they are most proud of the relationships they have built rather than the works of art they have produced.

These relationships may include the families they have established or the love they have found or shared. In addition, he stated that it had remained the same throughout his extended 41 years, indicating that it is a fact. He observed that those are the factors that are the most significant. “I have a deep and abiding passion for ritual and ceremony. Because I have gone through a lot of stuff, the idea of producing it is something that interests me more than anything else.

Selena Gomez: October 2021selena gomez chris evans Chris Evans Has a New Girlfriend & Theyve Been Secretly Dating For ‘Over a Year’—See Their 1st Photos Together

To be honest, this was merely a rumor at the time (and, if the Alba Baptista timeframe is accurate, it is certainly nothing more than idle chatter). In November 2021, people speculated that Selena Gomez was seen in a cable knit sweater similar to the one Evans wore in the movie Knives Out.

Taylor Swift, Selena’s best friend, released a video to TikTok of the two of them hanging out backstage at Saturday Night Live. When the camera switched to Selena, the former Disney Channel star was seen wearing a white cable knit sweater that was quite similar to the jumper that Chris wore in the 2019 film Knives Out.

“UHM, WHY DOES SELENA’S SWEATER REMINDS ME OF THAT KNIVES OUT SWEATER WORN BY CHRIS EVANS???” one Twitter user remarked. Someone else chimed in, saying, “OH MY GOD, you people, Selena is wearing Chris Evans’ knives out sweater.” The rumor that Evans and Gomez were dating was formed due to this interaction.

However, that wasn’t the end of it at all. On October 26, Chris uploaded a video to his Instagram Story showing him playing “Purple Rain” on the piano. Following the post, speculations began to circulate that a brunette woman who could be seen in the bottom left corner of the video was indeed Selena. “Could it be Selena?! “The TikTok user @girlgangz773 provided a caption for a video repost. The user asked, “Whose the brunette recording in the bottom right corner, Chris?”

Other users of TikTok pointed out in the comments section that they “never noticed” that there could be someone else in the video except Chris. In contrast, other users stated that the “person” was only the piano’s lid. Chris was playing the piano. “The proper name for it is the piano lid. One person said they were familiar with the “thing that covers the keyboard.”

On the other hand, some users were under the impression that somebody was sitting on the piano. Another admirer mentioned that Selena “just cut her hair,” and if the person in question was Selena, their hairstyle would have reflected their new, shorter bob. It has come to our attention that Baptista is, in fact, a brunette. Is it possible that it was her?

Jenny Slate: 2016 – 2017

Jenny Slate Chris Evans

To be fair, at the time, this was simply a rumor (and, if the Alba Baptista timeframe is accurate, then it’s undoubtedly just a piece of chit-chat). Fans believed Selena Gomez was seen in November 2021 sporting Evans’ well-known cable-knit jumper from the film Knives Out. Taylor Swift, Selena’s close friend, shared a TikTok video of the two at Saturday Night Live’s backstage.

When the camera shifted to Selena, she could be seen wearing a white cable-knit sweater resembling Chris’s from the upcoming movie Knives Out. One Twitter user asked, “UHM WHY DOES SELENA’S SWEATER REMINDS ME OF THAT KNIVES OUT SWEATER WORN BY CHRIS EVANS? ” “OHH MY GODDDD you people, Selena is wearing Chris Evans’ knives-out sweater,” said another. Consequently, the notion that Evans and Gomez were dating spread.

But it didn’t end there. On October 26, Chris shared an Instagram Story video of him playing “Purple Rain” on the piano. Soon after, speculations started to circulate that Selena was the brunette woman in the bottom left corner of the video. Is Selena there? @girlgangz773 captioned a repost of the video on TikTok. The user continued, who is the brunette filming Chris in the lower right corner?

Other users stated in the TikTok comments that they “never noticed” Chris could have a companion in the video. In contrast, others clarified that the “person” was actually only the piano lid. It is known as the piano lid. You’re aware of the keyboard cover, right?” asked one user. Others users, though, were certain that the piano was being leaned on. Selena “just trimmed her hair,” according to a fan, so if it was Selena, the image would have represented her shorter bob. Baptista, it turns out, is also a brunette. Could she be the one?

Sandra Bullock: 2014

Chris Evans, Sandra Bullock

I’m willing to wager that you weren’t aware of this one! After first talking to one other at a Vanity Fair Oscars party a few years earlier, Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock did indeed start dating. It has come to light that Evans has harbored long-standing feelings for Bullock. “When I was younger, I was head over heels in love with Sandra Bullock. Once, he stated to Playboy, “Sandy B. was my lady. In the seventh grade, I remember seeing Speed and instantly recognizing her as the person she was.

However, they could never reach the point where they could become official. According to a source who spoke to E! News about the situation, “They are not in a relationship, but they are obviously hanging out and are in the early getting to know each other phase.” “Their feelings for one another are genuine, but they haven’t decided what to call their relationship just yet.”

Minka Kelly: 2007 – 2014 (on and off)Mika Kelly

In 2007, Evans and Minka Kelly began their romantic relationship, and over the next seven years, they went on a total of three different dates. In the end, the actor who played Mr. Fantastic Four and the former star of Friday Night Lights went their separate ways in 2014. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, even though they are not dating, they spend time together and are in the early stages of getting to know one another. “Their feelings for one another are genuine, but they haven’t decided what to call their relationship just yet.”

Christina Ricci: 2007

Although their relationship lasted only a few months, from May to September, it was long enough for them to go to the 2007 Met Gala together.

Jessica Biel: 2001 – 2006

Chris Evans Jessica Biel

During the course of their five-year relationship, Evans saw significant professional advancement thanks to Jessica Biel. In an interview that she gave Cosmopolitan in 2005, the former star of Seventh Heaven discussed how “romantic” her boyfriend was at the time. “On the morning of my 21st birthday, I woke up to find that rose petal had been scattered all over my bed. In the middle of the night, he had cut apart at least 24 roses of different colors and scattered the petals all over the room. She concluded that he should be kept.

The way that the interview was conducted gave the impression that both of them were quite serious. She made the observation that we talk a lot about getting married. “We both want to be in a serious relationship and have kids someday. The rumors, on the other hand, are not true thus far because neither one of us is engaged. After another year of dating, Evans and Biel decided to end their relationship.

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