The Deadpool 3 cast, Chris Evan, will return as Johnny Storm.

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Deadpool 3, the World famous MCU’s adventurous fantasy movie series (Deadpool), directed by Shawn Levy, will release in U.S. theaters on November 8, 2024. The rumors bout the film are that the star cast Chirs Evans, Loan Grufford, and Jessica Alba will be back with their respective superhero characters as “Johnny Storm,” “Reed Richards,” and “Sue Storm.”

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Ryan Reynolds is preparing for Deadpool 3.

At the point when it was declared that the Deadpool franchise of Ryan Reynold was joining the MCU, the news was met with excitement yet additional questions.

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While many of those questions presently can’t be replied to, many expected Marvel Studio’s emphases on the Multiverse would play into the clarification. In any case, Reynolds had one more wind coming up for his MCU debut.

Closely following declarations of the Marvel Studios at the D23 Exhibition and San Diego Comic-Con, Reynolds uncovered that Hugh Jackman would repeat his character in Deadpool 3 as Wolverine.

The Original team Is Rumoured to Be Back in Deadpool 3

A well-known source named DanielRPK recently posted on the dedicated Twitter account for dispensing such important Deadpool-related updates that the 2005s  Fantastic Four team might appear in Deadpool 3.

The source claims that Ryan Reynolds plans to “revisit the other Fox franchises” in his upcoming film, which will reportedly include the famous 2005s Fantastic Four cast, which consists of Chris Evans as the Human Torch, Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm, Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, and Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards.

Deadpool 3 will feature Hugh Jackman’s Logan, nicknamed Wolverine, who has already been confirmed to return to the big screen. The movie may also feature other once-owned-by-Fox characters who now come under the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The final flourish? According to Kevin Feige, MCU will set a Fantastic Four reboot, which is now in production. Although the 2025 movie’s star cast has yet to be revealed, there look to be some fantastic prospects for Marvel to take advantage of.

Additionally, earlier this year, Evans discussed his superhero, Human Torch, becoming a part of the MCU. The Captain America: Civil War actor was enthusiastic about the concept and said he would be delighted to introduce Human Torch to Marvel.

Which Stars will be back in a cameo in Deadpool 3?

The movie’s official cast has grown to include Blind AT, Leslie Uggams’ character,  Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, and no more information about the rest of the cast has been made public. The list of superheroes that Reynolds’ anti-hero hopes to welcome in Deadpool 3 has been the subject of numerous rumors and conjectures, and it is a long one.

Social media had already awash with rumors about Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius from Loki joining the film, as well as allegations about the Time Variance Authority from the series joining Mobius. Additionally, some sources suggested that a few mutant X-Men characters would follow Wolverine’s example and appear in Deadpool 3; just like the previous reports, these were unfounded.

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Along with the purported inclusion of new characters, there are rumors that Zazie Beetz, the German actress who played Domino in Deadpool 2, may return for the film’s third installment.

Additionally, there are rumors that Evans and the Fantastic Four team may appear in the movie. There are countless options. But one thing is sure: Deadpool 3 will undoubtedly make a big comeback.

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