Florida man loses pants, boxers in wild Wawa fight

This fight was anything but briefs.

A droopy-drawered pugilist didn’t let losing his pants stop him from wrestling his adversary in a minutes-long caught-on-camera  gas-station brawl.

Video shot in a Wawa in — where else? — Florida shows the bedraggled boxer with his sweatpants around his ankles wailing on his rival in a reflective vest.

The video, posted online Monday, captures one man with a safety vest repeatedly punching another man, who is on the ground with his sweatpants around his thighs.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen please,” an employee can be heard saying.

“Bro pull up your pants, fam!” the cheeky cameramen chimes in. “His a– out… I just want my sandwich. … Wawa, 2 in the morning.”

The brawl goes on for so long that the man filming the incident convinces the fighters to pause while grappling so he can pay for something at the register.

It was unclear what sparked the fight.

The Wawa brawl

The half-naked man eventually pulls up his pants and scurries out of the convenience store, video shows.

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