Hue Jackson says Cleveland Browns not utilizing Baker Mayfield’s strengths

Hue Jackson, the ex-Cleveland coach said that quarterback Baker Mayfield is in need of regaining his confidence and strength, and Jackson recommended the Browns must call more passing plays in order to help Mayfield.

In an interview with ESPN Cleveland, Jackson said that Mayfield hasn’t played like how he was expected to play. And to defend the quarterback just a little, Jackson said that he thinks Mayfield isn’t playing systematically, which would help showcase his ability and talent. When the former No. 1 overall draft pick is in the shotgun, he is a very different player, he added.

Mayfield was mainly in the shotgun while he won Heisman Trophy as well as when he was in the rookie season with Jackson back in 2018. However, the quarterback in this season has been under a 61 per cent career-high.

Under Kevin Stefanski, the first-year head coach, the Browns increased their victory record since the year 2014 and led the NFL. However, they had lost a game to the AFC North competitors Baltimore and Pittsburgh by an integrated 76-13 score.

During the 38-7 loss to Steelers on Sunday, Mayfield had posted one quarterback rating of 5.5, which is the 3rd worst quarterback performance recorded in the league this season.

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