Is Joel Osteen Divorced: Has Joel Osteen Separated From His Wife?

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Is Joel Osteen married? You may have looked up on the internet if Joel Osteen is married or divorced by inquiring about either of those questions. Continue to read! Because the rumors about the marriage of a well-known preacher are so inconsistent, it may be challenging to determine what is taking place. In this particular situation, Joel and Victoria are the only individuals who can provide trustworthy information.

Despite this, rumors began to spread many years ago that he had divorced his wife (that was later proven untrue). Rumors are circulating about several different urban legends, all of which we shall attempt to debunk in this article.

What is Joel Osteen’s background?

Through the use of broadcasts, Houston, Texas-based Pastor Joel Osteen can communicate with individuals worldwide. He was the first in his family to become a preacher and delivered his first sermon in 1999. By 2005, he had been called to serve as the pastor of Lakewood Church, which until that year had been conducting its worship services in a building that had once been used as a feed store. Currently, 43,000 individuals pay to attend his lecture in person each week, and an additional 13,000,000 people watch it on television worldwide.

is joel osteen divorced

Even though Joel Osteen has never had a traditional degree in divinity and has never studied religion in an academic setting, he is a supporter of prosperity theology. Prosperity theology believes that God wants good things to happen to those who follow him. The central tenets of prosperity theology, also known as the positive confession movement, are that God wills material success and happiness for good Christians; faith, and not works, determines whether or not one’s salvation is secure; and illness originates in the mind/spiritual realm as opposed to physical symptoms or biology. Both of these tenets directly oppose the traditional Christian view that illness originates in the physical realm.

Osteen explains that the fifty million dollars he’s collected have nothing to do with the church he pastors. According to him, the majority of his revenue comes from the sales of his books since he has written six books that have been best-sellers in the last two years. The first of these books, “Your Best Life Now,” was on The New York Times’s bestseller list for over 150 weeks. Osteen claims that he is “non-denominational,” which indicates that he does not follow the canons and precepts of any one particular religious association. Even though members of the Catholic clergy are not permitted to marry, he has been married to Victoria since 1987.

Who exactly is Victoria Osteen?

Ms. Victoria Osteen was welcomed into the world on March 28, 1961, in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. When she was two years old, her family moved to Houston, and she has since lived the vast majority of her life in that city. Victoria was raised in a religious family; her parents were active community members and taught Sunday school at local Christian churches.

is joel osteen divorced

Victoria and Joel Osteen are the proud parents of two lovely children. Their first child, Jonathan, came into the world in 1995, and he is now a screenwriter. He attended The University of Texas and received degrees in English Literature and Screenwriting Production. He is now ministering to the younger members of Lakewood Church with his own father in an attempt to provide them with a more comprehensive and applicable understanding of the Christian religion.

Is It True That They Plan to Divorce?

No material can be verified on the status of their marriage or the marital life of the famed American preacher. Because Joel and Victoria are married, it is impossible for anybody other than the two of them to know the answer.

For years, there have been persistent rumors that Victoria and Joel Osteen would soon end their marriage. On the other hand, this is not the case since they have been married for close to 30 years and continue to remain together. Therefore, the answer cannot be correct.

The Dissolution of the Marriage Between Joel Osteen and His Wife, Victoria

Even though the rumor has spread, there is no proof to back it up. Thus, it should not be believed. In April 1987, Victoria and Joey became married in a traditional ceremony. They have a son named Jonathan and a daughter named Alexis.

is joel osteen divorced

There have been rumors circulating that Joel and Victoria Osteen had separated after being married for close to 30 years; however, several reliable sources have said this is not true. According to the legend, the couple’s union is held up as a shining example of what an ideal marriage should be.

Speculations about Joel Osteen are to be anticipated, given the extent of his fame and the number of individuals who have a favorable opinion of him. He has devoted much of his career to putting to rest rumors about his personal life, such as the speculation that Joel Osteen is getting a divorce.

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