Is Michael Jackson Still Alive: Where has Michael Jackson been “seen”

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Over the course of the last several years, rumors and assumptions have circulated claiming that Michael is still alive.

According to a report from 2010, Michael Jackson’s employee Ted Riley wrote, “Michael is still alive.” This information was just recently made public in February 2019.

A supporter said this in response: “[Producer and rapper] Akon claimed that he feels Michael is in hiding and will be coming back one day.” I was curious as to what your thoughts were on the matter.

is michael jackson still alive

Riley said, “Akon is a good friend of mine, and we have many of the same ideals in common.”

The fact that the spelling of Michael Jackson’s name seems different on the death certificate compared to other official papers relating to his demise has given birth to a new theory.

A new theory has surfaced ever since the death certificate of Michael Jackson had what looked to be an incorrect spelling of the singer’s name.

A video that claims Michael Jackson’s name was misspelled on his death certificate is one of the most recent pieces of “proof” that suggests the singer is still alive. This “evidence” comes in the form of an allegation.

The document Michael traveled with conspicuously featured his middle name, “Joe,” in honor of his father.

On the death certificate, Joseph is identified with his whole name.

Twitter users were tenacious in pursuing MJ’s sister, La Toya, to question her over her brother’s birth name.

Instead of Joe, the name Joseph appears as his middle name on the passport.

According to his passport documents, he goes by Joseph, not Joe, indicating his middle name is not Joe.

The singer La Toya has removed the post stating that her brother’s name was Michael Joe Jackson. In that tweet, she called him “MJ.”

Before that, in 2015, a “clue” hinting that he was probably still alive was found in a Janet Jackson song. This led to the assumption that he was still living.

is michael jackson still alive

Someone said Michael’s voice might be heard in the slowed-down version of The Great Forever. [citation needed]. The line “Not too delighted with what you’re digging, I’m just busy livin’ my life” may be found in the song.

Another supposed evidence supporting this claim is that his gravestone does not include a name. On the singer’s birthday, June 25, 2018, his cousin Latoya reportedly made a video at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, near the singer’s tomb.

One conspiracy theorist on the internet, however, casts doubt on this assertion by stating that “There is still no name on his crypt, and it’s because he is not dead and not inside.”

There is no explanation for the fact that he is buried there.

Nothing at all; the coroner and the autopsy both verified that the death certificate had a mistake, which the document itself contained.

Since then, hundreds of people have seen the video in question on YouTube, many of whom are under the impression that the singer is still doing the moonwalk.

A few of his supporters have also said that The Simpsons predicted, back in 1991, that he would stage his own suicide by pretending to be dead.

In June 2018, Michael Jackson’s bodyguard said categorically that the music superstar was no longer alive.

is michael jackson still alive

Steve Erhardt, Michael Jackson’s former hairdresser, was quoted in an article published on June 25, 2009, saying, “You heard it here first, an announcement of sorts.” And during the next few months, or at the very latest by the time the year comes to a close, you will hear some wonderful news.

It is difficult to believe. And I am the only member of the family who is aware of this fact. On the other hand, Erhardt never disclosed any information on the change.

In June of the previous year, he uploaded a picture to his account depicting a man wearing Jackson’s preferred black baggy trousers and white socks.

“At a recording studio, somewhere in the world, at a place that must stay unidentified,” he wrote as the caption for the post. Following that, he said, “He’s coming soon.”

Where have others supposedly seen him?

According to a video shared on Instagram, Michael Jackson was supposedly hiding his identity while attending his nephew’s wedding.

It can be observed that a large man wearing sunglasses is standing a few steps away from Prince and Paris, who are his children.

According to Michael’s legions of dedicated followers, this individual is an uncanny doppelganger for the role he played in the 1996 short film Ghosts.

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