Is There Going to Be a Divorce Between Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw?

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Even people who don’t watch daytime television are likely to be familiar with psychologist Phil McGraw, who is one of the most successful and ubiquitous practitioners in the field of daytime television. On their highly regarded daytime talk show, McGraw and his wife, Robin McGraw, “guide millions of viewers on topics ranging from marriage and domestic abuse to addiction and weight loss.” “Dr. Phil” McGraw is better known by his television moniker, “Dr. Phil.”

The National Enquirer and its sister tabloid have, over the course of the last few decades, published several dozen articles accusing “Dr. Phil (and sometimes Robin) of various indiscretions, ranging from trivialities such as being a “ratings whore” to personal turmoil such as a “secret divorce deal” to outright felonies such as sexual and child abuse. These allegations have been spread most frequently by the National Enquirer and its sister tabloid. Dr. Phil’s popularity.

Due to the unrelenting nature of the National Enquirer’s reporting on Dr. Phil’s personal life, he and his wife decided to take legal action against American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer, in the amount of $250 million in libel and malicious defamation in the year 2016.

However, since then, the Enquirer appears to have stopped spreading negative stories about Dr. Phil in favor of offering sensationalist promotional articles about guests on his show. The McGraws dropped their case a few months later without releasing any information about its ultimate conclusion.

The rumor that Dr. Phil and his wife of 43 years, the former Robin Jo Jameson, are headed for an imminent divorce is one piece of gossip that has never gone away. This event, according to the National Enquirer, was postponed only due to a “secret divorce deal” over a supposed “tell-all book” written by Robin. Nonetheless, this is one piece of gossip that has never gone away.

The above-mentioned report from the National Enquirer was initially published in April 2009; however, in the more than ten years that have passed since its initial release, neither a divorce for Dr. Phil nor the publication of a “tell-all book” written by Robin McGraw has taken place. Although rumors of Dr. Phil’s divorce continue to circulate, there is no evidence — other than what’s been reported in tabloids — to imply that these speculations have any basis in reality.

According to a transcription that can be seen on the website of Dr. Phil, the McGraws addressed and refuted rumors that they were about to divorce on their talk show as early as 2008.

During an interview on the “Rachael Ray Show” in 2012, Dr. Phil once again slammed “stupid tabloids” for spreading rumors about his separation and divorce from his wife.

As recently as September 2019, Robin wished her husband Phil a happy birthday via Instagram, posting a photo of the two of them together in front of the iconic “Love” sculpture by pop artist Andy Warhol. In the caption, Robin referred to Phil as her “forever love” and declared, “I love you more and more with every birthday”:
It should come as no surprise that we cannot state with complete assurance that no couple will ever separate at some point in the foreseeable future. However, even though there have been rumors of divorce surrounding the McGraws for at least 15 years, those rumors appear to be driven by nothing more than fabricated tabloid gossip. The McGraws have expressed no interest or intention in divorcing, have vehemently denied such rumors multiple times, continue to work closely together and present the outward appearance of a long-wedded couple who remain happy in their marriage.

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