Is Tyler the creator gay? But Who Is His Boyfriend?

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Is Tyler the creator gay? Few rappers have intriguing life stories. Tyler, the Creator. Tyler may be recognizable to Odd Future fans.

Tyler Tyler, the Creator, is an actor, musician, songwriter, record producer, and rapper. At seven, he found music. This page covers Tyler’s sexuality and love life!

Coming Out as Gay: Tyler, the Creator Hoped People Took Him More Seriously

Tyler’s sexuality first. Tyler proudly announces his homosexuality. He came out long ago and wrote songs about his sexuality. One is from I Ain’t Got Time. Lyric:

“I’ve kissed white guys since 2004”.

However, the lyric’s meaning was unclear. Tyler is known for his homophobic slurs and filthy lyrics. Australia, New Zealand, and the UK banned Tyler’s songs.

His debut solo album, Goblin, uses “fa**ot” 213 times. He was banned in those three nations and seen as anti-LGBTQ.

is tyler the creator gay

Tyler felt like no one cared that he was homosexual. He believed many people—including some of his fans—didn’t take his songs seriously since he was so accustomed to saying controversial and odd things.

He described his “coming out” experience again. “I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO, AND NO ONE CARED HAHAHAHAH,” he tweeted in all capitals. The tweet received 47.5k likes and 441 responses.

Tyler may be wrong. Supporting the LGBTQ community by openly expressing his sexuality was bold.

Tyler’s coming out was discussed by Chattr Deputy Editor Jade Parker:

“Tyler, the Creator’s current support of the gay community is noteworthy given his background.” She said, “Maybe now, with Tyler’s assistance, those hip-hop lovers will become more open-minded. Tyler’s good acts will determine whether they outweigh his prior mistakes.

He publicly urges others to be fearless and proud of who they are by supporting Frank Ocean. 2012 tweet:

“My big brother finally f**ked that. Proud of that n***a because I know s**t is hard or whatever”. Tyler did well!

Tyler was believed to be dating his closest buddy Jayden Smith after coming out. More intriguing!

Working with Jayden Smith, but No One Cared In

Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, is recognized for following his father’s acting and singing career. Jaden is also said to be dating Kylie Jenner and Tyler, the Creator.

is tyler the creator gay

When did Jaden become gay? We want to know Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator’s whole tale.

They’ve been buddies since 2013 and collaborated on two tracks. Tyler’s 2017 FLOWER BOY song Pothole shows their collaboration. Tyler discussed sexuality in Pothole.

Tyler, the Creator, Jaden Smith

In Pothole, he was not talking about his connection with Jaden. He said the song was about his mother and what she told him in his youth.

“She said, ‘some people simply aren’t as loyal or close to you as you believe.’ I had to discover that mothers sometimes know best.” Answered Tyler in an interview about the song’s inspiration.

Jaden’s Erys song Noize is another collaboration. In his interview, Jaden Smith said he loved working with Tyler.

Though their works are great art, it wasn’t their partnership that drew people’s attention. Jaden purposefully named Tyler “my lover” in 2018!

Jaden Smith: “Tyler, the Creator, Is My Boyfriend”

Jaden Smith seemed more honest. Jaden’s tweets and words caused all the attention surrounding Tyler and Jaden. Jayden said this about his connection with Tyler:

I have something to tell you. Tyler won’t admit it, but he’s my lifelong love. Tyler is my boyfriend. True.”

He confirmed that at Apple Music’s Beat 1 Radio event in 2018. Jayden’s bold statement! Tyler denied that, however.

is tyler the creator gay

Someone posted Jaden’s whole event speech on Twitter. Tyler shook his head, denying the statement. What’s true? Was Jayden lying or Tyler hiding?

Jayden also tweeted about it. Twice.

“Yup, @tylerthecreator,” he tweeted. After winning Grammys, Tyler replied to Jayden’s tweets.

“My Boyfriend Just Won a Grammy” congratulates Tyler on his 2020 Grammy for Best Rap Album. Over 350,000 Jayden and Tyler fans liked and commented on it. The tweet was removed. Tyler responded, “hahaha, you a crazy n*** man,” before Jayden deleted the post. Tyler’s message remained on Twitter after its deletion.

is tyler the creator gay

Some find Tyler’s reaction puzzling. We discussed Tyler’s desire to be taken seriously after coming out, but why didn’t he want the world to know about his connection with Jayden?

Tyler’s supporters think Jayden joked about their relationship. Even though Jayden repeatedly claimed: “he’s serious, ” Tyler’s explanation wasn’t convincing.”

We don’t know whether they were dating, but they’re close friends and have gone through a lot together! Their relationship endures despite the romance rumors.

Jaden and Tyler Kendal Jenner?

Since Tyler and Jaden are close, they have industry buddies. Kendal Jenner, Jaden, and Tyler have been partying together.

Tyler, the Creator, and former girlfriend, Kendal Jenner.

Jayden was supposed to be dating Kendall in 2015 (although both of them rejected the claim) (and both them denied the rumor). In 2016, Kendall was linked to Tyler. After a photo of them at The Grove in Los Angeles went viral, the chatter began.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Kendall wore pleated slacks, a white shirt, and flats. Tyler also wore a white shirt with green pants and sneakers. A fortunate paparazzi took the photo, but the two didn’t mind.

This also raised concerns. Tyler is homosexual, and Kendall Jenner is irresistible. Considering how close their friends and family are, it makes sense.

They didn’t confirm, however. It appears like Tyler just wanted to disclose his sexuality.

After the images surfaced, their Twitter conversations increased. In 2016, Kendall tweeted, “@tyler, we’re dating.” Tyler’s remark was funny.

“Not possible; we’re both gay,” Tyler said to Kendall. LOL. But what’s the lie?

Therefore, we cannot confirm if Tyler, the Creator, and Jayden Smith are dating. However, they still have a fantastic friendship!

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