Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita are now officially married

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Jenna Marbles, a well-known YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster Julien Solomita, married on December 22 after dating for nine years.

Jenna, 36, and Julien, 30, were pictured during their wedding ceremony in a grassy setting, with the vlogger (real name Jenna Mourey) wearing a bridal gown with lace accents. Julien was holding her hand. He was dressed in a suit with a bolo tie and flowers attached to the lapel.

Source: Twitter

The influencer community congratulated Jenna on her decision to leave YouTube in 2020 and sent her messages of support. Pewdiepie shared his excitement in the comments, writing, “Yay, congrats, guys!”

Connor Franta continued: ” iJustine cried, “OMG THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE,” while Justine said, “My heart is full for you two, congrats!” 

Another picture showed Jenna and Julien smilingly posing with Jenna’s 2008-adopted chihuahua Marbles, who was sitting on a stroller with his head sticking out. The couple’s other dogs joined in the celebrations, there was a car marked “Just Married,” and Julien was seen in a candid selfie wearing a veil and sunglasses.

Jenna & Julien, Source: Twitter

Revelation of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita’s wedding news

It’s unlikely that Jenna will share any images or postings about their weddings with the public. After quitting social media in 2020 due to her apologies for some of her earlier recordings, the former YouTube star is still taking breaks from the web.

As soon as the wedding was announced, the couple’s supporters went to social media to express their joy. On Julien’s Instagram post, friends of Jenna Marbles and Julien also wrote heartfelt congratulations.

Source: Twitter

During a Twitch stream, Julien gently dropped the news of their engagement to fans back in April 2021. “This is really strange, but I recently proposed to Jenna, and she accepted. We are thus married.”

Julien stated he asked Marbles’ approval to propose to Jenna, showing Jenna’s diamond ring and his engagement band. Thankfully, Marbles agreed.

Julien answered, “I just woke up and wanted to get married to her,” when asked what motivated him to ask her to be his wife.

Only time will tell if they intend to attend a basketball game on their honeymoon.

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