Joji revealed his long-awaited album SMITHEREENS

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Japanese singer George Kusunoki Miler, popularly known as Joji, released his highly-awaited album SMITHEREENS via 88rising and Warmer Records on November 4. The track came as the follow-up to the 2020s widely praised Nectar.

SMITHEREENS is its seventh studio album of Joji. The album contains nine tracks, including ” Glimpse of Us,” “Night Rider,” and “YUKON”( INTERLUDE). The most popular track, “Glimpse of Us,” was released on 10th June 2022 as the lead single of the SMITHEREENS album. Soon the song achieved the top spot in Australia and New Zealand.

The second single track, “YUKON (INTERLUDE),” was officially announced on August 26, 2022. the third and final single track, “Die For You,” was released on November 4.

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In promoting the SMITHEREENS album, the Japanese singer and songwriter Joji have toured North America and the US since September 2022.

The album is divided into two parts, five tracks in the first part and the rest of four songs in the second.

1. The first disc contains songs “Glimpse of Us,” “Feeling Like the End,” “Die For You,” “Before the Day is Over,” and “Dissolve.”

The second part of the album consists of songs “Night Rider,” “BlahBlahBlah Demo,” “YUKON(INTERLUDE),” and “1 AM Freestyle”.

“It kills me a little, that’s okay

‘Cause I’d die for you

You know I’d still die for you.” Joji commented on “Die For You”

More About Joji

Japanese singer George Kusunoki Miler, Joji started his YouTube channel in 2011 shortly after settling in the USA. Soon he gained popularity as a YouTuber. But Joji left YouTube in 2017 and started his career as a musician. His first album, “Ballads 1,” was streamed in 2018. Then he released the single “Slow Dancing in the Dark.”

Joji published his highly acclaimed second album, Nectar, in 2020, and the album consisted of two singles, “Sanctuary” and “Run.” Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” became the Us Billboard Hot 100 top-ten single and is also the highest-grossing song in his career.

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