Lawmakers hail DOJ antitrust lawsuit against Google as ‘long overdue’

On Tuesday, the lawmakers in the Senate and White House welcomed DOJ’s (Justice Department’s) decision to lodge one anti-trust suit against tech behemoth Google which says that the company utilized its power for preserving its monopoly through its popular search engine.

In a statement, Senator Josh Hawley said that Google as well as other Tech Giants’ monopolists use their unprecedented power on ordinary people, controlling everything starting the news that we read online to safety of our personal data. However, Google, particularly, has garnered as well as maintained this power via illegal mediums, he added.

The DOJ lawsuit alleges that the tech giant has utilized its power in online advertising and search for stifling competition and increasing profits. The lawsuit could prove to be means of a battle aimed at a no. of Tech Giants in the months to come.

As per a spokesperson for Google, the lawsuit filed by the DOJ seems completely flawed. The people use Google as they like to and not because they cannot find alternatives or are pressurized to, continued the spokesperson.

Notably, the suit has been in works for more than a year now and the executives of Tech Giants, which includes Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple have been awaiting an announcement, preparing their testimonies before Congress for warding off any possible fed lawsuit.

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