MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

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Are you interested in a narrative where the main character seems weak but relatively strong? Then I created this blog for you since it has a manhwa in which the protagonist seems weak but quite strong. Additionally, every manhwa has a unique plot that is not found in any other.

Let’s begin the list now.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

This is the tale of Yeon-twin woo’s brother. He vanished out of the blue five years ago and has been missing ever since. But Yeon-woo eventually got his brother’s pocket watch. And inside of it was an another realm with a diary of what had occurred to him.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

“By the time you hear this, I presume I will already be dead,” the diary’s first line reads. He entered the tower in an effort to find out what had happened to him. When life is threatened at any time, everything is conceivable here.

Can he endure this hostile atmosphere and get revenge?


The protagonist of the narrative is a high school student who is incapable of resisting bullies. His meeting with the strongest person in the world, however, quickly brought about a shift in his life, and he is now trapped in that body for the duration of the episode.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

This is the tale of Jiwoo, who chose a stray cat to pet only to discover that he was the strongest person in the whole world. He is reported to be so powerful that he can battle three top-ranked opponents at once.

How would his life alter as a result?

The Undefeatable Swordsman

The protagonist of this tale is Song Woo Mun. He lives in a town with his family, who own an inn. He could not study master skills because of his intelligence and frail frame.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

However, things began to change once Song Woo Mun acquired a picture from an unidentified sage. His body and intellect both began to expand rapidly at this point. But it’s been argued that more power also comes with increased responsibility. Is he now capable of making smart use of it?

The Descent Of The Demonic Master

The anime’s main character experiences several lifetimes, each lasting a varied amount of time. In his previous life, he was involved in an accident in which he lost both his legs and his family. And when his existence draws to an end, he awakens as a red demon fighter in a new realm.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

He made the decision not to squander this life, and as a result, he attained the highest level of humanity. At the time, he was regarded as the strongest. But his dearest friend deceived him, and he once again passed away.

This time, though, he finds himself in his original timeline at a little period of time before to the accident. And so he decides to alter his life once again drastically. This time, he makes an effort to live a calm life, but fate has other plans for him. And he encounters pointless occurrences.

Fff-Class Trashero

How would you feel if your actions caused you to fail a class that you had previously passed? What would you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

The manga’s main character, who has been battling the Demon Lord for ten years, experienced the same scenario. when he is successful in doing so. He received this report card from the deity who brought him into this planet. And he got an F.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

And now he has to experience it all over again. But can he really accomplish it? What will happen if he receives a F once more, and how can he get those A grades? Can you even get them? These were the thoughts that Kin Han Soo, the protagonist of this series, was having.

Legend Of The Northern Blade

I’ll agree with the name entirely after reading this Manhwa. When the earth was at its worst, martial artists came together and founded the “Northern Heavenly Sect.” And as a result of their sacrifice, everybody once again enjoyed peace.

However, instead of paying them back, other individuals assumed the role of their envoys and began plotting to have them killed. As a result, the Norther Blade Sect was destroyed. And the only member of the northern group is still alive.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

All those who plotted against the Northern Blade Sect are the targets of his vengeance. But now, in addition to getting his comeuppance, our protagonist must battle the dangers that loom over mankind. Can our hero do this?


Before anything else, I’d want to advise you guys to give this Manhwa a go if you can stand it for at least 50 chapters. Because after then it is completely OP but before then it is simply too dull. I just adored it. I put off reading this Manhwa many times, and when I did decide to pick it up again, I regretted not doing so sooner.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

The manhwa is set in a virtual reality environment where Greed, the protagonist, was having difficulties. He developed an addiction to this world and was now risking everything in his last game. But to his dismay, he dropped and is presently at -10Lvl.

From there, he has to fight his way back. Despite being given the unusual title of “Pagma’s Disendent.” At the time, he felt like it was a curse. Can he realise his full value and make the greatest use of this title? Or will he always work as a blacksmith?

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Story Of The Demons Gods then moves after Nie Li, who has returned to his 10-year-old self. In a conflict, the supreme king murdered him. But he now gets a second opportunity thanks to destiny. Even though he returned in time, he still remembers and is fully aware of every aspect of his past existence.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

anything from the world’s finest growing method to its greatest treasure. He had access to the richest secret and treasure one could possess in a former life. The world’s only hope was in him.

Can he, however, make the greatest use of his knowledge to devise the finest strategy to assassinate the sages and king who murdered him in his previous life?

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this book, but I’m happy that I did. Despite the lacklustre graphics, the book was enjoyable to read. Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing came when I had nothing to read.

Our main character was a typical daytime employee at a corporation. Due to fatigue, he too took a nap, and when he awoke, he was reading a web book. He was reading this online book, by the way.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

He was the heir of one of the dreaded persons, which made matters worse. And now, in order to get his toss, he must battle a terrifying sister. He has acquired a great deal of responsibility through useless employment.

Not to mention the fact that danger is always around the series’ protagonist. What impact will his arrival have on the plot of this online book, or will he suffer the same end that was initially intended? See this manhwa to learn more.

Return To Player

Sehan Kim was the only person left alive after a cruel game. whereby all Earthlings were made to take part. Through his egotistical actions, he managed to live. But as he approached death and saw himself to be the sole hope, he had a revelation.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

He thereby received a second opportunity. He must now ensure that the majority of the population lives and use the knowledge he gained from his former life to the greatest possible use.

Can he do this? Can he outdo his previous performance and get revenge on the gods?

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

MC seems weak but is really the most OP character in yet another fantastic Manhwa. Desire’s journey back in time to right the wrongs is the subject of this tale. and educating them about the threat that looms over their heads.

MC Appearing Weak But Being Strong in Manhwa

Even after giving it their best, he and a couple of his pals failed to repel this threat. It is now his responsibility to have everyone around him ready.

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