New Zealand’s Ardern wins 2nd term in election landslide

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand has won 2nd term in office in election landslide on Saturday.

When most votes were counted, Ardern’s Labour Party had garnered 49 per cent votes than compared to its major challenger, the National Party which had 27 per cent votes.

Labour had the target of winning a majority seats in the Parliament, something which has not happened since the time New Zealand had implemented proportional voting approach several years ago. Ideally, the parties need to form alliances in order to govern; however Ardern as well as Labour this time can do it alone.

In her victory speech before the supporters from Auckland, Ardern informed that her party received most support and love from the people in New Zealand than what they received in the last 50 years.

She promised that her new supporters won’t be taken for granted.

Ardern received a warm welcome during the campaign trail from people who had crammed onto the streets and lanes to cheer for her and get pictures with her.

Notably, Ardern’s popularity increased previously this year post she led one successful effort for combatting the coronavirus. There’s presently no reports of the deadly coronavirus in the country of five million and the people aren’t required to wear face masks or maintain social distancing any more.

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