NFL Hall Of Famer Ray Guy Passed Away at 73

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Former punter for Oakland/ Los Angeles Raiders, William Ray Guy, passed away on the 3rd of November morning. This legendary punter has been suffering from a lengthy illness.

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In his historic career, Ray Guy became the first punter to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. William Ray Guy played as a punter for the Oakland Raiders and was selected as the 23rd Pick in 1973 in NFL Draft.

In his 13 years career, this legendary football player played 207 successive games, punted 1049 times with an average of 42.4 yards per punt, and had a record of 111 punts in off-season games.

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Madden said via about Guy, “The first time I laid eyes on him is when we first brought him to practice. And he started to punt, and he punted the longest, highest footballs that I had ever seen”.

 “And I said, ‘OK, that’s enough.’ You know, I didn’t want to tire his leg out or have him get injured. And he said ‘Coach, I’m just warming up.’ And I thought ‘Holy moly, just warming up?’ And I knew right then, at that moment, that he was going to be special”, he continued.

He was chosen to seven Pro Bowl teams, inclusive of six in a row from 1973 to 1978. Ray punted seven times for 299 yards in his entire career. This iconic footballer was named the punter on the NFL’s 75th and 100th Anniversary teams.

After the death of the three-time Super Bowl champion, condolences are pouring over social media.

@NFL twitted,” We are saddened to hear of the passing of Pro Football Hall of Fame punter Ray Guy. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

After Guy’s death the school said to the press, “The Southern Miss family mourns today following the passing of Golden Eagle great Ray Guy, who died Thursday morning following a lengthy illness”.

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