Preston Manning leads a citizen-led inquiry into the COVID19 response

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Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning pushes for citizens’ inquiry into the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manning has launched What’s being called the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) for this investigation.

The one-time bureaucratic Opposition leader is helping initiate a proposed seven-city independent inquiry early next year into the ups and downsides of how the pandemic has been managed at all administration levels, one free from the doubts stimulated by politicians.

“There’s so much skepticism about political people,” Manning said Wednesday, while alluding to a recent national survey of 1,533 Canadians’ opinions conducted by the inquiry.

“The fact 74 per cent said they were injured (by government pandemic restrictions) is a fairly sobering conclusion … there’s been a lot of pain from this on everybody’s part.”

The NCI will be directed through a federally consolidated not-for-profit driven and incorporate educated authorities across the scientific, medical, legal, and social ranges.

Mr. Manning said,” The magnitude of these interventions demands a comprehensive, transparent, and objective inquiry into the appropriateness and efficacy of the measures imposed,”

“We need to determine what worked and what didn’t and identify how we can respond better in the future.”

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NCI claims that the strength of such an independent citizen-led inquiry lies in the way that, unlike a federally charged investigation, the government wouldn’t research itself.

The inquiry is supposed to hold seven hearings into the matter and, as of now, has an open call for five commissioners.

Manning wrote in a press release ,”The inquiry will examine the consequences on public and personal health, rights and freedoms, on specific demographic groups such as the aged and our children, and the economy.” 

“Those testifying before the Inquiry will also be asked for recommendations for how Canada’s response in matters as this could be better managed in the future”, he continued.

Manning included David Ross, a New Brunswick chartered accountant, Christian charitable activist, and Andrej Litvinjenko, an Ontario commercial / corporate lawyer in the investigating commission.

The NCI has already launched a petition. Almost 11000 Canadians have already signed it. The number is expanding step by step.

The NCI might finish their inquiry and submit their reports within March 2023. The NCI’s site gives two samples of potential observers. The two of them are individuals who guarantee to have been seriously harmed by Coronavirus vaccines.

It’s additionally looking for donations to subsidize the seven-stop tour, with hearings of a few days at each stop. The conference covering Alberta and Saskatchewan is supposed to be held in Red Deer.

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