The Purolator decided to fire all unvaccinated employees

The Purolator decided to fire all unvaccinated employees

source: Twitter

Purolator Inc, the Canadian Courier company that is 91% owned by Canada Post, has decided to terminate its unvaccinated employees regarding the company’s COVID-19 Safe Workplace Policy. The central government keeps on permitting organizations to command vaccinations for well-being in Canada.

A large portion of these staff works on their own in their vans.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, people started living everyday life, but Purolator Inc has been firing unvaccinated employees since November 16th.

The administrative organization Purolator suspended their representatives who didn’t share their clinical data. Purolator Inc is a government-owned organization, so the Canadian Federal Government is involved in terminating the unvaccinated.

Since November 16th, those workers who didn’t get the two doses of the Coronavirus immunization or didn’t unveil their medical reports got fired.

For this, a group of dissidents and representatives gathered before the Purolator office in Boucherville, in Montréal, to show their support for the sacked workers and to raise their voices to be heard that the circumstance is off-base.

The first snowstorm occurred that day, and driving to the spot was difficult. Still, People were protesting against the Purolator. Some of the protesters have devoted 22 years to the organization without having any thanks from them.

Canadian Citizens are expressing anger against the company, and some even decided to boycott Purolator.

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