RCMP officers marched to honor late Const. Shaleyn Yang

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On Wednesday morning, thousands of RCMP officers marched through Richmond in honor of late Constable Shaleyn Yang.

Constable Yang dedicatedly helping others throughout her life. She was a kindhearted, compassionate and very caring person, who helped people dealing with housing challenges and suffering from mental ill health. Yang worked in the Burnaby RCMP detachment’s mental-health and homeless outreach camps.

RCMP officer late Const. Yang was fondly remembered in her funeral on Wednesday. Condolences are pouring around the country. Shaleyn Yang was killed in the line of duty on October 18, and she became the 247th member of the RCMP killed in line of duty since 1873.

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Ash Tan, Cousin of Yang, told audience ,”Shaelyn Yang was always a hero”.

“Her whole life was dedicated to helping others — from the community she served, to those in need, to her cousin going through a tough time in their first year of university.

“All of us, all her family and friends who loved her, and have been so proud of her. We’ve always known this. And now, all of Canada and Taiwan and the whole world can join us in knowing it too.”

Yang faced adversity in her life but she had faith to make the world a better place, Tang said about his cousin.

“But in all the time I knew her, she only ever grew warmer and kinder than before.”

In December,2019 Shaleyn Yang joined the RCMP and there she had to supervise some of the training.

While talking about his friend’s death Constable Inder Gill called October 18 was the “worst day of my life”.

Gill said, ” This formed the basis of our work family”.”Our family that has grown and a family that I love and has grown so close to my heart and a family that Shaelyn was the heart of.”

He added, “She believed in helping others and showed this remarkably while working as a member of the Burnaby Mental Health Unit and the Proactive Response Unit”.

Condolences are pouring over the social media.

@marcomendicino twitted : “In Richmond, BC today, I attended the funeral for RCMP Constable Shaelyn Yang, who tragically lost her life in the line of duty. On behalf of Canadians, we offer our condolences and respect to all those grieving”.

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