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Dance moves and all the legends surrounding them have many fascinating elements. What motivates the characters, what are their goals for the future, what do they hope to accomplish in life, and how talented are they? These are just a few issues and questions we enjoy hearing emerge and play out on the big screen. Movies featuring a lot of dancing, movies that deal with dance as a part of life, or just movies with dancing. Each has a spot on this ranking of the top dance movies on Netflix.

1. Grease (1978)

dance movies on Netflix

Grease is one of the most famous musicals of all time, but its music and dancing sequences were among the most influential in film history.

Olivia Newton-John. John plays Danny and Sandy, two opposites who fall in love during a summer affair and discover they attend the same high school once Sandy moves to town. A heartwarming and enjoyable boys-and-girls drama with a great soundtrack and acting follows.

2. Work It (2020)

dance movies on Netflix

Quinn Ackerman wants to dance professionally in this comedy-drama. A dance competition determines whether she gets into her desired college. One major issue exists. Quinn cannot dance.

She gathers a group of misfits to form a dance squad and defeat the school’s greatest dance crew to achieve her aspirations. She may be able to dance with some help.

3. You Got Served (2004)

dance movies on Netflix

With its story, score, and early depiction of dance competitions, this film has become a dance classic despite critical accolades.

It depicts street dance crews competing for money, respect, and fame. Elgin and David, two best friends who lead one of their town’s top dance groups, are challenged by another town’s skilled group to street combat. After a fight, these two friends must reconcile and work together.

4. Leap! (2016)

dance movies on Netflix

In 1880, Felicie, a destitute orphan, desires to be a ballerina in this gorgeous French animated film. She flees her rural Brittany orphanage with her best friend, young inventor Victor, to Paris, where they are separated.

Victor becomes an office boy in Gustave Eiffel’s workshop. At the same time, Felicie falls into trouble and is rescued by a mystery Paris Opera house janitor who gives her a place to stay until she can support herself. After a series of accidents, Felicie must show her talent and identity at Paris Opera Ballet.

5. Full Out (2015)

dance movies on Netflix

This film is based on the true story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin, whose car accident dashes her Olympic hopes. Hip-hop helped her forget gymnastics.

The famed UCLA coach Valerie Kondo invites her back to gymnastics. Ariana won an NCAA Championship with her aid, proving that everything is achievable with enough determination, guts, and confidence.

6. Let’s Dance (2019)

dance movies on Netflix

Joseph, a passionate hip-hop dancer, refuses to join his father’s business and moves to Paris in this French comedy-drama version of 2010’s Street Dance.

Joseph joins the Paris squad of Yuri, a famous break dancer who wants to win an international hip-hop tournament, alongside his girlfriend Emma and best buddy Karim.

7. Honey: Rise Up & Dance (2018)

dance movies on Netflix

Skyler is a talented and ambitious street dancer who finds herself at a significant crossroads in her life. She wants to compete for acceptance in the same dance crew her sister used to train since she wants to compete for a college scholarship. 

But she is discouraged by her family and boyfriend, who believe she doesn’t have what it takes to win. To prove them wrong, Skyler begins to train in Atlanta’s underground scene and is noticed by Tyrell, who helps her improve her dance and hip-hop battle skills and bring her on to the next level. 

8. Battle (2018)

dance movies on Netflix

When her father becomes bankrupt, Amalie’s life crumbles. She’s hiding everything from her schoolmates, but they’ll soon be jealous and confused.

When she meets street dancer Michael, she will be pulled between his new life with him and these old friends and entangled in her falsehoods. How long can she keep everything a secret and stay true to herself?

9. High Strung Free Dance (2018)

dance movies on Netflix

This musical romance follows a young choreographer who casts a stunning modern dancer Barlow and a talented pianist Charlie in New York’s most awaited Broadway show. Talented choreographer Zander Raines offers these two young kids a dream.
However, Charlie falls for Barlow, and Zander views her as his new muse, so tensions between these two artists will rise, and the major question will be how much they’re ready to risk for love.

10. Dance Academy: The Movie (2017)

dance movies on Netflix

This Australian drama picks up where the 2013 TV series left off. Tara is still grieving after breaking her back auditioning for the National Ballet Company a year and a half ago.

She’s attempting to adjust to academic life but still wants to dance professionally.

11. Rize (2005)

This David LaChapelle documentary explores a Los Angeles street dance craze. It depicts oppression-inspired art. It modernizes African tribal traditions with quick, athletic movement in an aggressive and beautiful dance.

The 1992 Rodney King riots inspired Tommy Johnson (Tommy the Clown) to design this style. Krumping replaced Clowning. This dance is bold and honest, unlike hip-hop.

12. Yeh Ballet (2020)

This Indian musical theatre is based on a short documentary. It stars Julian Sands, Jim Sarbh, and Indian newcomers Manish Chauhan and Achintya Bose.

An eccentric ballet master discovers two talented yet impoverished Mumbai teens. Their ultimate dream is to dance, but they must overcome racism, misunderstanding, and criticism.

13. Girl (2018)

This drama comes from The Netherlands and Belgium and centers on the determined 15-year-old Lara, whose biggest dream is to become a professional ballerina. She is lucky to have her father’s full support, so she wants to prove to everyone that she can be the best.

But there is an issue that will make her life more complicated than it should be. After enrolling at the prestigious ballet school, Lara realizes that her body doesn’t react to the strict ballet discipline as it should, all because she was born a boy.

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