Rising Covid case totals could hinder plans for New Jersey’s economic reopening

New Jersey’s attempt to contain the deadly coronavirus has unfortunately begun loosening.

While the present case totals, positivity rates as well as hospitalizations are as dire as the cases reported during spring when state was losing several residents every passing day, Governor Phil Murphy as well as the admin officials are witnessing difficulty in moving ahead with the economic recovery of the state amid the worsening health data.

On Monday, during his daily briefings, Murphy said that these figures are sobering shortly post announcing that nearly 1,200 new cases was reported in the last 24 hours, thus bringing the overall total to over 221,000 since March.

The report released on Monday comes after the New Jersey Health Department disclosed over 2,200 new coronavirus cases over last weekend. The residents that are being treated for the virus presently for suspected or confirmed cases increased to more than 700 nearly 7 days ago and continues to rise still.

These are troublesome signs for New Jersey who has lost around 16,214 residents due to COVID-19.

For nearly 2 months, the increase in transmission has indicated that the virus now is spreading quickly than it is being contained. Data tracking website, Covid Exit Strategy has color-coded the state’s status as ‘trending poorly.’

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