‘Sistas,’ 5th season, episode 8 recap and channel details.

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“Sistas,” an American comedy-drama television series by Tyler Perry, gets back to Bet on November 30, Wednesday at 9 p.m. with season 5, eighth episode, “Pushed to the Limit.” You can watch the show on Fubo Tv (with a free trial) or Philo (free initially).

Tyler perry’s “Sistas” follows four single around 30 companions exploring adulthood and developing nearer to who they are to become. Set in current-day Atlanta, the show takes watchers on a thrill ride of feelings, and comical, however engaging circumstances as the ladies search for their “Mr. Right.”

‘Sistas,’ Episode Eight (” Pushed to the Limit”) Recap

Robin took Hayden’s side, Karen was again at the salon, and Danni needed a legal counselor. Here is ‘Sistas’ by Tyler Perry, Season 5 8th Episode recap.

After calling Andi, Karen figured out Danni was distraught at her. However, the kumbaya experiment of Miss Lisa worked after all since she felt like her old self once more. Yet, Miss Lisa had a few inquiries concerning what Fatima said about Karen’s cycle, calculating the days and ovulation.

In this episode, we tracked Gary in bed at Andi’s home. As she went out, she believed that Gary should leave, yet he was agreeable since they used to live respectively. As is commonly said, one can not teach an old dog new tricks. With Gary in the shower, Andi accomplished other things sneaking around in his stuff to figure out what he was preparing against Robin.

Fatima & Zac. Souce: Twitter

In the meantime, In the most recent Zatima news, the dust chose the Karen disaster, and Fatima prayed. Fatima and Zen. Zac had an incredible moment, yet Tima was somewhat wary when he proposed to her for a date.

Robin called Hayden at the law office and said he followed the email about the Janitor and Andi back to him. Robin gave him the threat to fire, assuming he attempted something to do that once more. Robin needed to converse with Andi to clear up everything, except she did not have it.

At the point when Fatima figured out the adjudicator didn’t get back to Andi, she told Lady. Two-twos, the adjudicator( judge) told Andi she could see Sabrina. Tragically, she could not arrive at Danni, and we know why.

Karen returned to the salon for seemingly the initial time this season; however, she wasn’t remaining, as per Miss Lisa. Andi strolled in, and it was just now that it sank in that Karen didn’t know anything about what was going on with Sabrina. Goodness. With all she’s gone through, it appeared that Andi was attempting to keep her in the dark. In any case, Karen had her hands full with her mother. Miss Lisa tried to get on Karen’s nerves. She even contacted Aaron, who was proposing to assist with dealing with Karen.

To end the show, a shades-wearing Danni goes to the workplace to meet Andi. When she figured out Andi wasn’t there, she conversed with Fatima. In any case, Andi showed up soon enough. Danni requested a legal counselor. Right, when we thought it was to squeeze charges against her victimizer from the last episode, we learned she might have killed him.

Where to watch the new episode of ‘Sistas.’

You can watch the new episode on Philo, which offers a free trial and more than 60 channels. The monthly subscription for Philo starts at just $25. Fubo TV is another good option to watch the show with a monthly subscription starting at $70, and it also provides a free trial.

How to find channel BET

To find out the exact channel BET, you can use channel finders like Comcast Xfinity, AT&T U-verse, Verizon Fios, Spectrum/ Charter, DIRECTV, Optimum/Altice, and Dish.

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