St. Louis Franchise will be known as BattleHawks once again

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The BattleHawks are back. This Monday morning, XFL officially released the names of its eight teams and announced that the St. Louis franchise would again be known as the BattleHawks.

The eight-team league will start its next season on Feb. 18 and include the Orlando Guardians, the Las Vegas Vipers, the Seattle Sea Dragons, and Washington (D.C.) Defenders, the San Antonio Brahmas, the Houston Roughnecks, and the Arlington (Texas) Renegades.

Battlehawks are back

Battlehawks fans are overwhelmed as they again can yell “Ka Kaw!” and dress up with their feathery wings. The league avoided what would have been an ill-advised decision to change the Battlehawk name.

The new logo of BattleHawk is a bit different from the old one. Two wings still flank a sword, but now the edges of the feathers are a little sharper, conjuring up an aesthetic of an F16 or some other steel fuselage fighter jet that goes fast.

The St. Louis squad again will play its home games at The Dome at America’s Center with tickets starting at $25. Deposits for season tickets are being accepted at

“We couldn’t be more excited about getting our team name and a new updated logo; we see this as another step in getting our fans pumped up about the XFL,’’ BattleHawks head coach Anthony Becht said in an exclusive interview. “We cannot wait to get out there and get after it. The BattleHawks are ready to bring football greatness back to St. Louis.”

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