Taylor Swift Turned 33: Watch the Pop Queen’s best songs.

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Taylor Swift, an American pop icon and multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, turns 33 on December 13, Tuesday. Taylor was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and began her career as a young country singer whose songs appealed to a generation of followers known as Swifties. Taylor has experimented with several musical styles throughout the years and has utilized her songwriting talents to capture the heartache and anguish of a generation.

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Taylor Swift is the first artist in Spotify history to have nine albums with at least 2 million streams.

While Taylor Swift is, without a doubt, a talented songwriter, she is also shockingly skilled at putting her words into pictures. She has unquestionably shown herself as a professional storyteller, given that she is virtually always in front of the camera while filming her music videos. Taylor is a skilled camera operator, producing stunning visuals that have no business being as good as they are for a music video. Before we get into the list of her top seven music videos, though, we should offer an enormous credit to the groundbreaking film “Thug Story,” which is where it all started.

Top 10 Music Videos of Taylor Swift

Here are the top 10 music videos to celebrate the Pop Queen’s special day.

1. Love Story

Taylor Swift gave Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet story her unique viewpoint by beginning with a flashback. She succeeded in doing so, nevertheless, by genuinely providing a happy ending. With a narrative that feels perfectly stitched together, the music video for the song that made Taylor famous does a fantastic job of switching between the past and the present.

2. All Too Well

The ten-minute version of Taylor’s 2012 debut song, “Heartbreak Song,” was recently made available. As Swift spoke of her heartbreak and the agony of her previous relationship, the song rekindled her passion for the fall, snow, and the red scarf. The song tells a complex narrative about a romantic engagement’s start and brutal conclusion.

3. Blank Space

Taylor’s song “Blank Space,” included in her album 1989 and released in 2015, is a satire on how the media portrayed her as a man-eater who dated prominent guys and then wrote songs about them. In the music video, Taylor illustrated why that look is so alluring. The singer packs a punch with this song by utilizing sarcasm, wit, and her astute compositional abilities.

4. Cardigan

Swift’s most remarkable songs are found in folklore, and the cardigan is at the top of the list. Swift begins the song’s music video by playing the piano; then, the scene rapidly changes as Taylor opens the piano and leaps inside. “Cardigan” is a well-directed three minutes that undoubtedly plays to the star’s strengths, deftly focusing on the concepts of isolation, which seems both liberating and terrifying.

5. Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor’s ambitious “Look What You Made Me Do” music video features style, glitz, terror, and many adjectives and nouns too numerous to fit in one sentence. It explores Swift’s contemporary reputation while illustrating how the media portrays her, and it plays itself into a superb satire. The film also has a feminist undertone towards the conclusion, especially when Taylor is seen in a bathtub with a single dollar bill, alluding to her victory in a legal battle against a sexual harasser.

6. Anti-Hero

Swift’s song Anti-Hero perfectly encapsulated her career trajectory, and the music video does a fantastic job of personifying it. It indeed is one of her more personal works, showcasing her insecurities and scenes straight out of a nightmare, but it is further strengthened by a sensation that it is all happening right now.

7. Shake It Off

Shake It Off satisfies all the requirements for being catchy and pop in this context. The music video is filled with excellent dancing steps with some unexpectedly profound message behind it, considering Taylor Swift used to be teased for being happy about stuff and a comic tone that pays off amazingly.

8. Fifteen

Fifteen discusses teenage love and all the emotions an innocent girl would experience in her 2008 album Fearless. Through this song, Taylor also offers her listeners some wise counsel.

9. The Lakes

The Lakes, a dramatic and beautiful song from her Grammy Award-winning album Folklore, might serve as an anthem for introverts. This normally meditative piece by Taylor incorporates modernist undertones. You can listen to this music when you want to do a social media detox or go for a stroll through the woods.

10. Willow

Willow is a love song, but not your typical love song, from Taylor Swift’s most recent album Evermore. You may get a pleasant, fuzzy sensation from it and be inspired to consider carefully how the singer imagines her partner to be. Her partner, the actor Joe Alwyn, served as both the song’s subject and inspiration.

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