The BOYZ launched the music video “All About You.”

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The BOYZ, a South Korean boy group, is celebrating its fifth anniversary on December 6, Tuesday and they debuted on this day with the lead single ‘Boy’ in 2017. On this special occasion, The BOYZ launched their music video “All About You.” In 2018, the group achieved the “Best New Male Artist” award under Melon Music Award 2018.

The BOYZ, an 11 membered Korean Boy Band, comprises Jacob, Sangyeon, Younghoon, Juyeon, Kevin, Hyunjae, New, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo, Q, and Eric — delivered their single track’ All About You’ alongside music video for the trail. The tune recognizes THE BOYZ’s fifth anniversary.

The new visual elements are the boyband recalling the past through polaroid pictures and rural-looking videos taken on an old camera. They were gathering in a comfortable room with records and beverages, THE BOYZ enjoying their time together. See the “All About You” music video below.

‘ All About You denotes their subsequent homegrown release of 2022 and shows up four months after the arrival of the seventh small album of the BOYZ, ‘Be Aware,’ in August. That record was driven by the energetic title track ‘Whisper.’ Sunwoo, a group member, had co-composed every one of the six tracks on it, while bandmates Sangyeon, Jacob, Q, New, and Hyunjae composed verses for a few B-sides.

The Boyz will be a part of the lineup for Music Bank on April 8, 2023, in Paris. Greetings for their 2023s season ( The Boyz Scout).

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