The Nets are expected to hire Ime Udoka as next head coach

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The Nets fired Steve Nash after the Brooklyn Net fell to Bull. The Nets, playing hours after parting ways with head coach Steve Nash, lost for the sixth time in eight games this NBA 2022-23 season.

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to hire Ime Udoka as the next head coach. Several Nets players were shocked to hear about the departure of their former head coach Steve Nash.

A massive change for Tuesday morning stunned most players: the mutual decision to part ways with the head coach, Steve Nash.

“I think everyone was surprised, so early in the year,” said Joe Harris on finding out the Nets parted ways with Nash. “You play so many games in the NBA season where even if you are struggling as a team or individually early, you know you have a lot of games to fight and claw your way back. Certainly, surprised given the timing of it.”

Former Head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Steve Nash. (Source:

“Shocked,” Kevin Durant said on his reaction at the time he found out about the coaching change. “I mean, you’re always shocked when a move like this happens, but it’s normal in the NBA, so it’s about getting ready for the game tonight. It’s a quick turnaround always in the league, especially during the season. We’ve got practice and games coming up, so you can’t think too much about it. But it was on my mind for a little bit today.”

When Nets General Manager Sean Marks spoke to the media hours after the decision, he claimed that no players were involved in the decision to move on from the third-year coach. Durant echoed a similar statement after the Nets’ loss to the Bulls, stating he knew ‘everyone was being evaluated.’

“I mean, let’s be real. We’re pros. We’re veterans. You know, we had a tough start and a rocky year last year, rocky summer. We knew that everybody was being evaluated,” Durant said postgame. “That’s just how it is in the league. So I liked working with Steve. I liked working with the coaching staff. It was a roller coaster the last few years. But you know, the core of it, basketball is something that we all love to do. So regardless of the coach, regardless of the circumstances, you still gotta come to work. So I enjoyed coming to work with.”

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