Twitter blocks tweet from Trump adviser downplaying masks

On Sunday, Twitter blocked one post put by an advisor to US President Donald Trump where he suggested that face masks don’t work in stopping further spread of coronavirus among people.

Scott Atlas, the one who joined White House as science advisor in August, tweeted that masks don’t work and cited that massive use of face masks isn’t supported.

His tweet, however, violated a policy of Twitter that prohibits the spread of misleading or false misinformation related to coronavirus that could cause harm, said one company spokesperson. The policy also prohibits statements which are confirmed as misleading or false by professionals like the public health officials.

In cases like these, Twitter simply disables the alleged account until the user removes the post that’s in question.

Trump has, meanwhile, downplayed the significance of face masks in lowering the further spread of COVID-19, despite him contracting the deadly disease that has claimed the life of over 215,000 Americans.

Notably, scientists have concluded that the face masks do play a role in controlling spread of coronavirus and the public health authorities have urged the general public for wearing masks whenever they head out. However, Trump as well as his team go sans a mask often while campaigning.

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