Twitter Spaces is back to function on December 16.

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Twitter Spaces, the live audio service of Twitter Inc, is temporarily down as several journalists whose accounts had been suspended by Elon Musk could still participate. But it again started working on December 16, Friday afternoon.

After Elon Musk, the company’s troubled CEO and a purported supporter of free expression, left a Space conversation Thursday night. Musk was asked about the ban on journalists who covered an account tied to his private jet; Twitter briefly suspended the Spaces feature entirely.

Musk participated in a conversation on Space about the “permanent suspension” of numerous journalists covering Twitter’s restriction on @ElonJet. This account uses openly available data to follow the movements of Musk’s private jet. BuzzFeed News reporter Katie Notopoulos facilitated the discussion.

After a little while, he exited as Notopoulos continued the conversation, and Space was abruptly interrupted. Soon later, the entire Spaces feature ceased to be usable.

Inquiries on the absence of the service received no response from Twitter.

By Friday afternoon, the Twitter Spaces feature was operational again.

The sudden removal of Twitter Spaces has increased the mockery directed at Musk, the CEO of Twitter, who has implemented inconsistent regulations, let go of key personnel in charge of content moderation, and reinstated users suspended for using hate speech.

Twitter’s CEO has had difficulty reconciling his free speech advocacy with his choices to stifle criticism of him on the platform.

Musk wrote, “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter because that is what free expression means,” when he first declared his intention to purchase the business earlier this year. However, since taking over as CEO, his impulsive actions have scared away advertisers that the business sorely needs and alienated many users from the network.

Source: CNBC

The @ElonJet account, blocked on Wednesday, was most recently accused of doxxing Musk by publishing his real-time location. Musk made this false claim. That evening, he said a “crazy stalker” who believed he was pursuing Musk was following his child’s car. The Los Angeles Police Department stated that no police report was made regarding the claimed event.

Then, he punished journalists on Thursday for covering @ElonJet’s Twitter suspension after leveling the same fraudulent doxxing charge against them. Additionally suspended were the journalists that tweeted the LAPD statement.

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