Diamond Dan: Victoria government signed a $15m deal with Netball Australia

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Netball Australia has stepped into a $15 million sponsorship deal with Visit Victoria, days after mining giant Hancock Prospecting dropped its support.

Visit Victoria will sponsor Netball Australia for the next four and a half years in a $15m deal, Premier Daniel Andrews announced Monday.

Ms. Ryan said there had been a “huge amount of dialogue” between Netball Australia and Hancock Prospecting in the past few weeks, and each understood the other’s position.

She acknowledged Ms. Rinehart had been an “incredible backer” of the sport.

“So we’ve certainly kept in contact and made sure that we’ve ended the partnership as best we can,” she said.

More About The Sponsorship Deal

Under the deal, which will run until June 2027, the Diamonds will adopt Victorian branding for home and away games. Players and coaches will front tourism campaigns.

Hancock Prospecting withdrew its $15m in funding to Netball Australia after a player-led revolt over the track record of Gina Rinehart’s father on indigenous issues.

Mr. Andrews described the sponsorship deal as a coup for the state.

“Obviously there was a sponsor. That sponsor was no more so there was a gap and Visit Victoria raced to fill it,” he told reporters.

“Other states wanted this but Victoria secured it.”

The 2023 Super Netball Grand Final will also be played in Victoria, and the Diamonds will play test matches and hold training camps in Victoria between 2023 and 2026.

Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan said Visit Victoria was one of several potential sponsors that reached out after Hancock Prospecting’s deal fell through.

She said the Visit Victoria deal was “unlike any that we’ve done before” and was “very different” to the support offered from the mining company.

“So they cannot be compared in any way, shape or form, they’re two very, very different partnerships,” she said.

“And this partnership values the content that we offer, so everything from pathway events, through to the elite competition.”

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