Where is daily rubble Fortnite and how to recover a data drive?

Fortnite’s newest location, the Daily Rubble, was introduced into the game during Chapter 3, Season 2 of the popular battle royale game. It first became visible after a crash involving one of the blimps that were part of the Daily Bugle, which led to the appearance of a new landmark right off the shore of the primary island.

Going to the Daily Rubble and retrieving a hard disk is one of the new objectives that must be accomplished to complete the Resistance missions for Week 5 fully.

However, to accomplish this, you will first need to be familiar with the specific location of the Daily Rubble and how to retrieve the data disk. Before you can move on to the next step of the challenge, you will first need to establish a Device Uplink.

In this tutorial on Fortnite, we will walk you through the process of recovering the data drive as well as show you the location of the Daily Rubble. For you to successfully complete the mission, we will also demonstrate where you may set up a Device Uplink.

We are here to assist you with recovering a data drive from the Daily Rubble in Fortnite if you are unsure of how to do so. Since it is a new development, you won’t be blamed if you haven’t come across it before because it hasn’t been in existence for very long. You will need to go there as part of the Resistance quest line in the Fortnite Quests in order to get a data drive.

This is most likely to provide the Seven with information that will assist them in their struggle against the Imagined Order in Fortnite. If you are unsure of how to get started, then we are here to assist you. Below, you will find the precise location of the Fortnite Daily Rubble as well as information on how to get the hard drive.

Where to Find the Daily Rubble in Fortnite

When you first see the moniker “Fortnite Daily Rubble,” you could immediately make a connection with the point of interest (POI) already marked on the map for “The Daily Bugle,” and you wouldn’t be too far off if you did make that connection.

As a result of the Seven’s recent victory over the IO in the conflict over The Daily Bugle, a landmark known as the Daily Rubble can be found just off the coast of the east side of the island. The Daily Rubble was formed from the wreckage of an IO Airship that crashed after the Seven were victorious in that conflict.

Located to the southeast of the Daily Bugle is the newspaper known as the Daily Rubble. Because it is a wrecked IO blip that is adrift on the ocean’s surface, it is not difficult to locate.

In order for you to accomplish the Resistance Quest, which requires you to retrieve a data drive, you will need to make your way to this location first. You will gain one thousand experience points (XP) for finding the Daily Rubble landmark.

At the beginning of the game, you can skip the Battle Bus and go straight to the Daily Rubble by using the shortcut. However, you can also acquire weaponry in advance by visiting the Daily Bugle, which is the first location you’ll come across. It is always recommended to arrive prepared, as there is a good chance that players will engage in combat on this landmark.

Find out where the Device Uplink is located in Fortnite’s Daily Rubble here!

You can start the Device Uplink process by traveling to the little island located to the southeast of the Daily Bugle and interacting with an audio log that is located inside a small cottage on the coast. This is a necessary step in order to complete the challenge. You should be able to locate the Device Uplinks in the area just above you.

Due to the fact that this is the initial step of the quest, it is essential that you first create the Device Uplink before you attempt to retrieve the Data Drive.

Find out where the Data Drive is located in Fortnite’s Daily Rubble here!

Once you have arrived at the Daily Rubble Fortnite location, there are two different spots you can look in order to grab the data drive. Both of them can be located in the tail section of the IO Blimp after it has crashed.

The first data drive can be located on top of the Blimp at the tail end, while the second data drive can be found just next to the tail of the Blimp that has crashed. You only need to retrieve one of the data drives in order to finish the Resistance mission; therefore, you can choose between the two. Simply approach the data drive, and then push the interact button on the device.

After completing this Resistance mission in Fortnite, you will receive 23,000 XP as a reward. This XP can be used to level up your Battle Pass, which is a very useful perk.

You may learn how to retrieve the Data Drive from the Daily Rubble area in Fortnite by watching this video that was uploaded to YouTube by HarryNinetyFour.

In Fortnite, instructions on how to retrieve a hard drive from the Daily Rubble

In order to get a data drive from the Daily Rubble in Fortnite, you will first need to locate the airship that has crashed in the area. Even though there are a few other possible spots where a data drive might be recovered, they are both on the section of the airship that is protruding over the water, so make sure you seek for the glowing markers there.

You have the best chance of recovering the data drive undisturbed if you touch down at Fortnite Daily Rubble directly from the battle bus at the start of a match. In addition, if you are the first player to touch down at Fortnite Daily Rubble, you can open the special IO chest to grab some decent weapons as well.

After completing the mission, you will discover a siege cannon on the adjacent floating debris. You can use this cannon to shoot yourself to the mainland and complete the objective.

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