Who is Aaron Rodgers’ dating: All you need to know.

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Aaron Rodgers may prefer privacy, but he’s had some high-profile relationships.

Rodgers has dated Olivia Munn and Danica Patrick since his fame as a Green Bay Packers quarterback. In 2021, Rodgers stunned fans by proposing to Shailene Woodley, but the relationship ended in 2022.

Rodgers currently practices self-love, one of the “basic tenants” of mental health. Ayahuasca helped him love himself, which improved him on and off the field.

“Ayahuasca helped me love myself unreservedly. Only through unconditional self-love can I fully love others. What better approach to improve my mental health than an experience like that?” Rodgers told the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Aaron Rodgers’ dating history, from long-term to short-term.

Jessica Szohr

In 2011, a brief rumour was that Rodgers was dating actress Jessica Szohr. Even though they eventually went their separate ways, reports claimed they were back together in 2014. The alleged couple was seen together on multiple occasions, including at an afterparty that was held at a bowling alley. There, the trio was observed competing in a game with Taylor Swift.

Szohr attended Rodgers’ birthday party in 2017, indicating that the two appeared to have parted ways amicably even though they never made their relationship official on the red carpet.

Olivia Munn

Rodgers dated Olivia Munn after presenting Song of the Year at the 2014 ACM Awards. Munn didn’t know Rodgers and assumed he was a college football player when he informed her he was an athlete. “He was incredibly handsome,” Munn stated.

Rodgers acknowledged their relationship after photos of them kissing on Munn’s The Newsroom set leaked months after their first meeting. The quarterback told ESPN he was “extremely delighted” with his relationship and didn’t mind the publicity.

“I’ve learned perspective and value through the years. You can’t hide from success on and off the field. Accept that, “Rodgers gave.

After their June 2014 film screening debut, Munn and Rodgers were dating by 2014. The actress said their romance was worth “concessions” during their busy schedules.

“After driving, you’re satisfied. I declined a job since I had to be somewhere. I don’t mind because I desire a broad and varied life, “E! reported Munn.
Munn advised Rodgers to reunite with his family, whom he hadn’t spoken to for months before dating. Munn said she encouraged Rodgers to call his parents, and the family briefly reconciled.

“He hadn’t spoken to the parents and one brother for like eight months before we started dating,” she told Andy Cohen Live in 2018. “In 2014, they came out after a great talk. Family reconciliation is crucial.”

Munn raved about her companion and how he inspired her to be healthier and more active for several months.

“Unique Aaron. Many words. He’s good. He’s eating well and exercising. That inspires, “they said.

Rodgers praised Munn for being a “great encourager and a major supporter” and putting “some of her own career aspirations on hold” for him. Munn helped him become “more comfortable with [his] stardom” and “the attention that comes from being one of the top players.”

Munn quashed 2016 engagement rumours. A year later, Munn was seen wearing a ruby on her left hand, reviving engagement rumours.

The three-year romance terminated months later. Rodgers said their relationship was hard to talk about after the split.

“Public connection is complex. You have different views on your relationship, how it affects your work, and unsuitable connections, which adds limits to “share.

Kelly Rohrbach

In 2017, Rodgers was seen on a golf course in Los Angeles with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach. People quickly heard that Rodgers and Rohrbach were dating, but sources told PEOPLE that they were just friends.

“Aaron and Kelly are just friends. They went to play golf together. There’s nothing strange or scandalous about it, and it’s silly that the tabloids are making something out of it, “said the source.

Danica Patrick

Rodgers and race car driver Danica Patrick were linked for the first time in 2018, but they had known each other for years before that. Patrick said they had first met at the 2012 ESPYs and kept in touch over the years through email.

In January 2018, Patrick confirmed that she and Rodgers were dating. She also said that even though she had been a Chicago Bears fan for a long time, she would still cheer for Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. In July, the couple returned to where they first met and walked the red carpet together for the first time at the 2018 ESPYs, which Patrick hosted.

In October of that year, Rodgers went on and on about his relationship with Patrick. He said that he didn’t feel like he had to keep quiet about their relationship and could freely post about their lives on social media.

Shailene Woodley

Early in 2021, there were rumours that Rodgers was going out with actress Shailene Woodley. Even though it’s not clear when they started dating, several people told PEOPLE in February that Rodgers and Woodley were a thing. Then, just a few days later, while accepting the award for NFL MVP for 2020, Rodgers said they were getting married.

During the next few months, the couple was seen out and about several times, including on a trip to Mexico, in Arkansas, and at the Kentucky Derby. They even went to Hawaii with Miles Teller and Keleigh, his wife. Shortly after their trip to Hawaii, Woodley got serious about how she felt about Rodgers. She told him that she thought they were meant to be together, and she also said that they moved in together quickly.

Who is the new woman in Aaron Rodgers’s life?

Rodgers’s new girlfriend used to be called Charlotte Brereton, but she changed her name to Blu. She is an artist, a healer, and the host of the podcast Deja Blu.

There were rumours that they were dating less than two months after the NFL quarterback and Woodley broke up. Rodgers is said to have tried to make up with the Big Little Lies actress a few times, but they went their separate ways in the end. That’s when the quarterback and Blu are thought to have met.

The first picture of them together came out in June 2022, and many people thought that the fact that Rodgers had a tattoo that was the same as Blu’s was proof that they were dating.

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