Will Smith’s relationship update: Will smith get a Divorce?

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Since Will Smith smacked Chris Rock during the Academy Awards in 2022, a lot has transpired worldwide. Now, followers are concerned that the actor and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, may divorce each other. These rumors originated from an earlier report that has since been removed because it was misinterpreted.

Since the Oscars debacle, the pair’s private lives have been the focus of conversations, and the most recent rumor is not the first time they have been dragged into the controversy.

Before you believe anything or get involved in the rumors that surround the celebrity couple’s relationship and marriage, it is essential that you get the facts straight.
Concerned admirers have rushed to Twitter to verify whether or not the reports regarding Will and Jada’s breakup are accurate.

The latest reports claimed that they were going for a divorce and that Jada would earn a significant portion of her husband’s riches if it’s true given recent reports that suggested that the rumors gained steam.

However, these rumors originated from an incorrect interpretation of an article that was published in Heat Magazine, which can no longer be accessed online.

Let me explain the many reasons why you should avoid listening to these baseless tales.

They haven’t confirmed Any confirmation yet.

The article that started the rumors about Will and Jada getting a divorce was published by Heat Magazine, but it has since been taken down. The article, which consisted of a quote from an anonymous source, was picked up and republished by several other publications, including the Mirror.

The following is an excerpt from the quote: “Ever since the Oscars affair, tensions between them have been very noticeable.” There have been issues for years, but they are barely communicating with one another at the moment. If they were to divorce, Will would have a fortune of $350 million, and according to the laws of the state of California, Jada would be entitled to half of it.

To begin, the insider has not disclosed any information regarding the possibility of the pair divorcing. They just say, “if they were to split,” indicating that they are only discussing the possibility of it happening.

In addition, neither Will nor Jada have commented on the rumors that they are divorcing or even made a passing reference to the possibility of doing so.

As a result, there is no justification for believing these rumors in any way.

HITC has attempted to contact Will and Jada for their thoughts on the matter. However, at the time when this piece was being published, we had not yet received a response to our inquiry.

Other rumors that began to circulate after the Oscars

Several rumors were spread in the days following the event at the Oscars.

One of them stated that the actor was taken into custody and charged. However, because of this, Will did not face any consequences since Chris Rock chose not to make a formal complaint.

The individual involved has decided not to submit a police report, according to the police’s statement to Deadline. The Los Angeles Police Department will be available to compile an investigative report later at the request of the party involved in the incident.

Another theory indicated that Chris was acting the on-stage slap and that he was concealing his face by wearing a cheek pad.

However, in their article, Reuters stated that the picture that went viral and was used by some to infer that Chris had a cheek pad was, in fact, “altered.” Reuters’ explanation can be seen here.

Relationship between Jada Pinkett and Will Smith is complex and public.

We’ve seen that Hollywood power couples aren’t always gifted with fairy tale relationships, as evidenced by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and the latest court case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. We don’t need much to be reminded of that high-profile slap at the Oscars that shocked the world in March, about which questions remain; the primary one is what made Will Smith lose his cool to the extent he did.

While Depp decides how best to move on since the ending of that drama, we don’t need much to be reminded of that high-profile slap at the Oscars.

There are a lot of people who think it had anything to do with how his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith worked. When Jada was trying out for a part in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in 1994, that’s when they first crossed paths.

Will, who at the time was married to Sheree Zampino, seems to have had a favorable view of her even though she was not chosen for the role. Will and Jada began dating after his breakup with the RHOBH star, and they eventually married in 1997.

Will, now 53, and Jada, now 50, have been married for more than 28 years. They have two children together, Jaden, 23, and Willow, 21, all of whom enjoy the spotlight in the entertainment industry. In addition, Will has another son, Trey, from a previous marriage to Zampino.

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