Windows apps now run on Chromebooks with Parallels Desktop

Google has decided to bring Windows application support on Chromebooks via a collaboration with Parallels Desktop. Announced previously this year for the first time, Chrome OS would boost one complete version of Windows now inside one virtual machine in order to get access to the existing desktop applications. It is designed only for businesses, which implies that just enterprise users can buy the application for USD 69.99/ user.

Parallels Desktop meant for Chromebook Enterprise would launch one complete Windows copy, thus allowing the operating system of Microsoft to stay along with the Android apps and Chrome OS. The Chrome OS also redirects a few Windows file directly to Parallels and make launching files which you would use one desktop application for much easier.

This Windows app and Chrome OS integration is not so seamless like Coherence mode which is ideally found in the Parallels Desktop that lets users pin the Windows applications to macOS dock as well as run them sans seeing the complete Windows taskbar and desktop.

The users will have the ability to run several Windows applications within this Parallels Desktop while you are offline, though. Google and Parallels both have worked hard to enable the features such as shared user profiles, custom folders and shared clipboards.

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